Future Urban Networks

future urban networks.jpg




I turned the image into a quick 3D model

General Musings…

When thinking about the future I thought of Charlie brookers black mirror, in particular the emmy award winning episode san junipero in which the characters live in a digitally networked world for the dead”spoiler”. Of course death is a future that awaits all of us but brooker presents a unique look into the “future urban network” for the dead.
This ties in nicely with my idea for procedural generation which i was hoping to explore this year and raises interesting questions, ie: will the people who entered earlier create a generated space differently to a person who comes in 100+years later? will the algorithms that allow people to mould their shape evolve with time. I think I could draw some interesting parallels with the current state of juvenoia that’s going on at the moment, in any case I think looking at the generation divide and their approach to technology could be an interesting area to look at…


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