Project summery

Inspired by the overlap of nature and technology, in particular the conceptual material “Computronium”, a form of programmable matter devised by Norman Margolus and Tommaso Toffoli of, the “Electric Sheep” was devised as a self-replicating, mobile, recycling, companion species. The system converts a fibrous wool, a bi-product of waste collected around Greenwich Park, grown by the sheep, to be recombined into yet more electric sheep. Such is the alchemic nature of a material that is programmable on the sub-atomic level.

The Medi-Bot palace further explores the opportunities of Computronium produced by these electric sheep as scientist’s research and develop bespoke uses for the material, particularly in the medical field.

The entire building becomes a machine for the production of Computronium, digesting the wool through the external ring structure and recapturing excess heat and humidity above the structure for the grow additional raw materials to be fed to the sheep to aid in the growth of wool.

Responding to an increasing use of robotics within the medical practice, internally the palace equips the surgeons of tomorrow with the skills to perform life changing operation, only possible through the abilities of this advance material that reacts more intuitively to its user and robotic surgical machines that allow more precise application of treatments all achieved wirelessly. In a similar way that textiles produced from Spider silk extracted from genetically modified the use of Computronium in medical practices can lead to improve every day comfort, recovery and well-being. The end result becomes an almost cyborg human, ourselves evolving as a result of our initial modification of other creatures and our environment embedding them with technology.


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